Did you know…

I’m not all bad, I can be helpful too!

My roots were used to treat sharp pain, “female disorders,” inflammation and sores by Native Americans.


I have been used since 968 A.D. to treat skin disorders like leprosy and leucoderma.  More recently, I have been commonly used in therapy to treat mycosis fungoides and psoriasis.  Even though I cause painful skin rashes on some people, I have the ability to help the skin disorders of others!



Some people claim that my roots can aid in bowel movement and urine discharge.

It is possible that Greek and Roman civilizations used me as a food source, but they most likely mistook me for my close relative the carrot.



The Irish like to use me to brew a type of alcoholic drink.



The cultivated version of me, the parsnip, has the same species name as me (Pastinaca sativa), and only one difference.  It has had all the photo-toxins that I possess bred out of it so it can’t hurt people who want to consume it.

Well this is awkward…

My appearance has caused me to become a euphemism for the male organ.  In France there’s even a saying that goes something like; “a young man always wants to put his parsnip in a pretty girl’s basket.”


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