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Hi! Thank you for taking a look at my web page!

         My name is Britney Kocken and I am currently a freshman at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. Image of Britney Kocken(author of web page)My intended major is Biology with a minor in Environmental Science and Chemistry. This web page assignment was part of our semester grade. The idea behind this web page was for students to better inform themselves about an organism of our choosing and get a grasp of how to successfully compile all the information. I was given the responsibility to create the Habitat & Geography, Adaptations, Additional Facts, References, and the Contact Me sections for this particular web page. My instructors name is Dr. Gretchen Gerrish and she is the professor of the class Organismal Biology 203. Some additional facts about myself is that I absolutely love to travel and be outdoors. I've hiked the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Angels Landing in Zion National Park in Utah, and Grinnell Glacier Trail in Glacier National Park. I have done plenty other hikes and outdoor activities, but those are among the most memorable. Along with my passion for the outdoors, I also take my health very serious. I've been a Vegetarian for roughly a year. I enjoy this life style and find it  to be one of the best commitments I've made so far.

          Again, if you are interested in finding out about various organisms that have been completed by other University of Wisconsin La Crosse students, check out Multiple Organisms web page by clicking directly on the link.

         If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at the address below. Thanks!
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