Fun Facts!

-Eurycea tridentifera is a threatened species! (Amphibiaweb).
    Another animal on the threatened species list is the sun bear.

-They were first discovered in 1895 (Amphibiaweb).

-The total size of the population is still unkown today since they are a hard species to observe and research (IUCN).

-They are lungless organisms for a portion of their lives and breath through reddish external gills (iNaturalist).

-They have 4 toes on their front feet, but 5 on their back feet! (Herps of Texas).

-Their embryos are not affected by sunlight, unlike most salamanders, but water temperature does affect them. A extremely high or low water temperature is potentially detramental to the embry (Amphibiaweb).

-The porous skin of the Comal blind salamander can be tested to help scientists moniter environmental toxins
    Another organism with porous skin is the Synanceia verrucosa (Amphibiaweb).

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