• Emoia cyanura is a sibling species with the Emoia impar, with the latter more commonly having a blue-stripped tail rather than the copper-stripped tail (Zug 1991).  Learn more about their relationship on the interactions page.
  • As most reptiles E. cyanura is heliophilic and appears to be most active and noticeable during sunshine (Zug 1991).
  • Emoia cyanura is the most commonly abundant and widespread skink in the Pacific (Ineich and Zug 1991).
  • This species of skink is mainly terrestrial; however to avoid predators it will climb trees.  Find out more about its habitat here.
  • Emoia cyanura are commonly called copper-stripped skinks because they have three distinct stripes along their body, with the middle stripe extending from the tip of the snout to the end of the tail (Brown, 1991).  Take a look at the pictures on the site and you can clearly see this defining characteristic!


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