Island Life with the mysterious Emoia cyanura  copper-stripped skink

Brown-tailed copper-striped skink Emoia cyanura

As students in Organismal Biology we were assigned to create a website on a species of our choosing in order to further our understanding of the species, but to also expand our scientific writing abilities.  We chose the species Emoia cyanura commonly known as the copper-tailed skink.  On this website you will find information on the habitat and geography of this skink as well as adaptations to its environment, how it reproduces, interactions with other species, and taxonomic classifications.  Our goal with this website is that this lesser known species receives some well-deserved attention.  We recommend starting your journey on this site with the classification of the organism to get a general basis for this species.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or information regarding our species, Emoia cyanura, or our website.  Enjoy and thank you for your visit!

We would like to also recommend perusing websites created by other UWL students here.

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