The reproductive history of Emoia cyanura is somewhat unclear still at this point in time with only general information about sexual maturity being readily available.  Various research articles discussed the fact that many lizards, also known as skinks, reproductive biology is not well known especially those found in tropical areas.  However, research shows that male E. cyanura have a snout-vent length, which is a standard measurement of body length from the tip of the nose to the anus, of 23-58 millimeters (Schwaner 1980).  Individual males that were less than 35mm appear to have small testes with no definite convolutions, or vasculation in comparison to those individuals with enlarged testes that were found to be between 38-50mm (Schwaner 1980).  It is concluded from these observations and research that the male skinks of this species reach sexual maturity at a snout-vent length between 38-40mm (Zug 1991).  Female E. cyanura have a snout-vent length of 22-56mm, and are believed to reach sexual maturity around 40mm with a body weight normally over 1.5gms which happens to be the same weight for sexually mature males (Schwaner 1980).  Sexually mature females have around 3-4 sets of ovarian follicles, whicEmoia cyanura, Photo by Gerald McCormackh is where ovum develop, (Zug 1991) and almost always have one egg in each oviduct.  It should be noted that from most of the research done so far it appears that there is no relationship between vent-snout length and the clutch size.  As for the eggs that are laid they have an average diameter of 9.5-13.5mm, and bulge in size during incubation especially width wise (Schwaner 1980).  The eggs are normally laid in a common nesting area with an average of 6-10 eggs in a clutch, a common occurance in reptila such as snakes, and have an incubation period of 40-51 days (Zug 1991).  The only information present for after the hatching is that the juveniles have the same color pattern as adults, and average a snout-vent length of 22mm (Schwaner 1980).

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