Anti-Cancer Bryozoan!


Bugula neritina


     This website was designed to provide you information on the organism Bugula neritina.  Bugula neritina is a sessile aquatic bryozoan that currently does not have a common name.

       As you venture on through the site you will learn more about the classification, adaptations, habitat, reproduction and last but not least fun facts about Bugula neritina. On the classification page you will find information regarding the taxonomic order of Bugula neritina.  In addition, each section of the taxonomy will be broken down to explain why the organism is categorized the way it is.  Within adaptations, you will find how the structures of the organism relate to its function as well as locomotion of Bugula neritina.  Moving on to habitat, you will find an overview of the conditions for survival and locations this organism is found.  Furthermore, the reproduction page will provide you with information on the unique structures used to reproduce as well as the life history.  Continuing on, you will find information regarding interactions with other species.  Finally, on the fun facts page you will find information about Bugula neritina’s unique ability to provide bryostatin to help fight cancer!

We hope you find this website useful and if you wish to learn more about the creators of this website please feel free to visit the contact page at any time!

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