1.      The average gray mouse lemur weighs anywhere from 40-70 grams, making it one of the world’s smallest       primates (Arkive 2013).
2.      They are an endangered species (National Geographic 2014).
3.      They live in groups of 15 that are mostly made up of females (National Geographic 2014).
4.      They are a protected species, but some poachers overlook that and trap them to sell as pets to the highest    bidder (National Geographic 2014).
5.      Their large eyes make them the perfect nocturnal creature (BioExpedition Publishing 2014).
6.      Unlike most other primates, they hibernate (BioExpedition Publishing 2014).
7.     Remeber the cute little animal from Madagascar? His is name is Mort and he is a gray mouse lemur!
8.     They can fit easily in the palm of your hand!
9.     A gray mouse lemur will only spend about 5 days in one nest, then they move on to make a new one (BioExpedition Publishing 2014).
10.    Their fur has a red-brown tint to help them blend into the environment (BioExpedition Publishing 2014).

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