Gray mouse lemurs are predators feeding on many arthropods, but they also eat fruit, gum, and insect secretions(Goerlitz and Siemers 2007). Mouse lemurs tend to be on the move often, this is because they have to search for their food most of the time(BioExpedition Publishing 2014).  Mouse lemurs are incrediblyMouse Lemur small, and prey of owls, snakes, and domestic dogs (BioExpediton Publishing 2014). Humans also target the gray mouse lemur because they create their nests in trees and create these little holes, annoying humans  (BioExpedition Publishing 2014). Gray mouse lemurs are usually very social animals unless they are hunting. They prefer to be alone when getting their food (Gron 2009). Based on what it eats, the gray mouse lemur would be a secondary consumer because they eat mostly insects and some fruits.

In this image we see where the Microcebus murinus would fit on a food web.

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