Welcome to Lucilia sericata!

Lucilia sericata is a common green bottle fly that you may have come in contact with while enjoying the great outdoors, or sitting in your living room watching televison. Many people become annoyed with the presence of flies.  Yet, this organism is amazing! This webpage was created in order to inform the public about this impressive organism. They can fight crime and even heal wounds! These blow flies have complex life cycles and are able to reproduce very quickly. This incredible organism helps decompose material and pollinate flowers. You might not think that a little pest like Lucilia sericata is capable of so many different things that help out the environment. However, if you are a sheep this fly might be your worst enemy.  Hopefully after exploring this site you will gain an appreciation for Lucilia sericata and will hopefully think twice about grabbing that fly swatter! To begin check out the classification page.

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