Some Interesting Facts

The Brachypelma vagans has a rich history in civilization through Central America. One of these civilizations is the Chol, they are a Mayan descendant group and use the B. vagans as a medicine to cure diseases. The B. vagans is used to cure a disease the Chol call “aire de tarantula” this disease in Mayan medicine can be cured by an herbalist with a traditional ritual. The ritual involves finding a tarantula, more specifically a B. vagans because it is the biggest kind of tarantula in the area and sacred.  The herbalist uses the tarantula as an herb and makes a tarantula based drink to cure the patient. The drink comes in many different forms but the common ingredients are a B. vagans, alcohol, tobacco and filtered with a fine filter paper to remove the hairs of the tarantula from the beverage (Mackhour et al., 2011).
       Many tarantulas have misleading folklore that causes people to want to exterminate them. Some of these common myths are tarantulas venom can kill you, their bite causes flesh to rot and hooves to fall of livestock and that tarantulas (Perez and Miles, 2009).

B. vagans        There are two diffrent behavioral charcteristics on how spiders deploy their urcitating hairs. The first way is push the hairs into the other organisms skin. The other way is to kick the hairs up into the air where they can get into the organisms body and cause irritation (Battisti et al. 2011).
        Other arthropod preditors are uneffected by the B. vagans urcitating hairs (Battisti et al. 2011).
           A chemical found in the B. vagans venom called hyaluronidase and has many applicible medical uses. They range from helping patients with in vitro fetilization as well as helping the body absorb anesthetics. Some other uses of hyaluronidase are treatment of skin disorders and reversing side effects of hyaluron based skin care products. (Clement H. et al. 2012)