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My name is Eric Schepp and I am currently a freshman here at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. As of right now, IPicture am studying to become a Physician Assistant, majoring in Biology/Pre PA. My decision to pursue a career in healthcare became very clear to me because I want to make a difference in peoples lives. After doing a great amount of research, I decided that a PA would be the perfect profession for me. Although the schoolwork can be and will be challenging, I am prepared to work through my difficulties and get to PA school.
    At home, I live with my parents, Brian and Lois. We also have a dachshund named Odie. I have two older sisters, Halley and Lauren, both of which are married and have one child. I really enjoy spending time with my nephew and niece. I also really enjoy staying active, and love to sports, particularly football and basketball. I am also an avid outdoorsman. Bowhunting deer and pheasant hunting are two of my favorite hobbies that I actively participate in every fall.

Creating this Webpage for Dr. Sandland and Dr. Thomsen's Organismal Biology class, as well as Dr. Klein's lab was very challenging at times. It demanded a great amount of research, and required many hours to put the cite together. We chose the Mexican Red Rump Tarantula because this spider has a number of intriguing qualities that make it an interesting organism to research and make a Webpage about. I am individually responsible for making the Adaptation, and Interactions pages. I worked with my partner on the Home page, Classification, Other interesting facts, refrences and Contact  This cite was created to contribute to Hopefully this webpage was knowledgeable and enjoyable for you to read!

If any questions arise, feel free to contact me at

Hello my name is Bill O’Neill I am currently a freshman at University of Wisconsin La Crosse. This website has been created as a project for BIO 203- Organismal Biology. As I am currently a Biology major and hope to go into education or do field research. I chose biology because I have a passion for life as well as the outdoors and would like to have a greater understanding of the world I live in. The reason the Brachypelma vagans interested me was because I had a lot of misconceptions of tarantulas in general. I also was very interested in how these animals interacted with other species in the wild.

Outside of UW-La Crosse I live at home with my parents, our dog Sam and the family cat named Snickers. I really enjoy spending my time outdoors and enjoy activities such as backpacking, kayaking, and canoeing. I also am on the University of Wisconsin La Crosse Equestrian and Water Ski team.

Durring the creation of this site my partner and I had faced many difficult challenges, such as learning a new software and other technological issues. I created the pages on Habitat, Life history and Reproduction. The Home page, Classification, Other interesting facts, refrences and Contact info were a collaberation of me and my partner Eric Schepp.