Taxonomic Classification

Domain- Eukarya  
To be in the Eukarya, the organism has to have membrane bound organelles

 Kingdom- Animalia
In order to be classified in the Animalia the organism has to be able to move independently and spontaneously. They also have to be heterotrophic. Other organism in this kingdom include Eurycea tridentera and the Great Horned Owl.

Phylum- Arthropoda
The Lironeca vulgaris is classified under Arthropoda because it has a segmented body. Organisms  include Penaeus setiferus, and Cambrarus zophonastes. Even spiders like Meta menardi and the Tasmanion Cave Spider are in this phylum because of their segmented bodies.

Class- Malcostraca
To be in Malcostraca, the Lironeca vulgaris has to have three separate, segmented regions and also live in marine habitats.

Order- Isopoda
 It is classified under Isopoda because it has a separate shield only on its head and it has special pouches for eggs.

Family- Cymothoidae
To be classified as a Cymothoidae, the organism has to be a tongue biter, which the Lironeca vulgaris is.

Genus- Lironeca
Lironeca could possibly mean “gills.”

Species- Lironeca vulgaris
   Vulgaris in Latin means “common.”

 The Lironeca is most related to Olencira in the phylogentic tree created by Regina Weltzer It is also in a clade with C. harfordi, Apanthura, and C. rudicauda. The tree was created based off of data from DNA of the organisms tested. Phylogentic tree. Drawn by Austin Thompson based by Regina Wetzer