We chose the Lironeca vulgaris because we are both fisherman. Knowing before hand that this organism was a parasite to fish, we thought it would be interesting to see what parasitic behaviors it possesses. This parasite is RARE to find. There are not very many studies or information known about it.

1. It has only been known to science since the 1840s by Simpson (Brusca).

2. This organism is also known to go for the weaker fish in the group sort of like how a lion eyes up its prey.

3. Overall this is one of the strangest organism on the planet!!

Lironeca vulgaris is a very interesting organism that sadly is very understudied. The fact that it can change its sex in a single molt is fascinating in puts it in a category of organisms that are some of the most mysterious organism on the planet.

Dorsal view of Lironeca vulgaris. Pic by Austin Thompson