The male Lironeca vulgaris is a parasite that attacks fish in the coast of California. Another example of a parasite of fish is the Silver Lamprey. They prefer weak fish as host. This parasite likes to infest species from the families of Embiotocidae and Scorpaenidae. They also will settle in other parasites as well. Females however are commensal. They do not feed upon depositing their eggs. They get their energy from the males during the breeding period (Brusca 1978).

Isopod parasite on a fish. Pic by Jean-Lou JustineThe male Lironeca vulgaris attaches itself into the gill chamber of the fish. It feeds on the gill filaments. Studies show that the intestines of the host fishes have lysed red blood cells. These parasites feed on the gill filaments to get its main food source, blood. Females attach themselves deep in the tongue. Intestine analysis of the host fish’s show that the digestive system is usually completely empty after a lironeca vulgaris feeds on it (Brusca 1978).