Do a Dance with this Ribbon Flatworm

We are delighted our organism has intrigued you

This is just one of many other websites on various organisms (see other students' pages by clicking here). Ours in particular is about the very beautiful marine flatworm, Pseudoceros bifurcus, but who are we? Find out! There are many common names for this soft invertebrate, including: Polyclad Flatworm, Racing Stripes Flatworm, Red-tipped Flatworm, and Ribbon Flatworm. Flatworms in the scientific world are called planarians and most can be found in streams and shallow parts of lakes. These, however, can be found in the western pacific.

Something that is very noticable about this flatworm is how flat it appears. Because of how thin they are, not more than a few millimeters thick, they are extremely delicate and can break easily if handled too forcefully. There are also marginal ruffles bordering the organism. Most are vibrantly colored but there are some that are so transparent that their organs can be seen. Like jellyfish, they have a single opening to get food and release waste.

Click the play button to watch how goofy movement can be for this flatworm
This video was courtesy of Scuba Zoo in Malaysia.