The African civet has had to adapt due to many challenges that arise in the African habitat. Africa does not offer a lot of easy food options in the regions the civet lives in, so being that it is an omnivore, it eats whatever it can find. (Admasu et al. 2012). It waddles on all four legs. The African civet has an easygoing personality around other animals, although it is not afriad to try and steal food. They will try and flee first before fighting. Having long, curled, semi-retractable claws, the civet can put up quite a fight if it needs to.To learn more about the African civet's interactions, click here. Its claws are also useful for ARKive video - African civet - overviewpicking things off trees, bushes, or the ground, such as food. The African civet has incredible eyesight, and this noctournal creature uses this to it's advantage by collecting food and making homes during the night without being disturbed. Click on the picture on the right and it will take you to a video where you can see just how active the African civet is during the night. If, for some reason, the hyperlink is not working, click here.


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