Domain: Eukarya (Cells contain a nucleus and organelles)
Kingdom: Animalia (Multicellular and digestive of food)
Phylum: Chordata (Notochord, hollow dorsal nerve chord, pharyngeal slits, and endostyle)
Class: Mammalia (Most give live-birth, all have hair)
Order: Carnivora (Get nutrition from eating meat)
Family: Viverridae (Four or five toes on each foot and semi-retractile claws)
Genus: Civettictis
Species: Civettictis civetta

Civettictis is derived from  the French word "civette" and the Greek word "ictis", which means 'weasel'. Civette is from an Arabic word which describes a scent that comes from the perineal glands. It's name could be interpreted as "smelly weasel".

Figure 1: Civets, top right corner of the phylogenetic tree, are carnivores.

Figure 2: As you can see from the phylogenetic tree, the civets are closely related with another small carnivore, the mongoose.

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