The Domestic Ferret

Mustela putorius furo

This website was made to inform you of Mustela putorius furo, more commonly known as the domestic ferret. Ferrets have been domesticated for many years and have become common household pets all over the world.  These fuzzy little creatures have made their way into the hearts of many.  Unlike what many people think, the ferret is not a rodent, but rather a member of the Mustildae family which includes the mink, weasel, otter, badger, polecat and more.   Although the domestic ferret is a mean, lean, mouse-eating machine, it lacks survival instincts and would probably die after a short period of time without human help (Ferret Universe, 2008).

By continuing through this website, you will read about the classification, habitat, form and function, life history, and reproduction, interactions with other species, and fun facts about the domestic ferret.
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