Classification  The Upland Pillsnail is . . .

Green algae Ostreococcus.  Wenche Eikrem and Jahn Throndsen, University of Oslo.  Wikipedia Commons.Domain Eukarya - an organism with cells containing a nucleus and other membrane-bound organelles (Hickman, et al. 2007).



Sponge.  <a title='By نامعلوم (آزاد) [FAL], via Wikimedia Commons' href=''><img width='500' alt='Nice Sponge' src=''/></a>Kingdom Animalia (animals)- a multicellular, eukaryotic organism (Hickman, et al. 2007).


 Tonicella lineata (a mollusk).  Kirt L. Onthank. 2008.

Phylum Mollusca (mollusks) - triploblastic, has bilateral symmetry, a coelomate, soft-bodied, an animal with a mantle, visceral mass, and muscular foot (Hickman, et al. 2007).

Grapevine Snail.  2009.  Wikipedia Creative Commons.Class Gastropoda (snails & slugs) - an organism in the phylum Mollusca with torsion - where the visceral mass (organs) twists 180 degrees and coiling - spiral winding of the shell (Hickman, et al. 2007).


Trochulus hispidus.  2008.  Wikipedia Commons.

Order Stylommatophora (air breathing) - a Gastropod organism with two pairs of tentacles and an adapted mantle into an air-breathing lung (Hickman, et al. 2007)


Neohelix dentifera.  Ripka, Kevin.  2010.  Wikipedia Commons.

Family Polygyridae - an organism in the order Stylommatophora with no dart apparatus and ribbed jaws ("Polygyridae."  2010).


Euchemotrema leai.  Kuchta, Matt & Jeffrey Nekola.   2008.  "Land Snails of Wisconsin."  University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

Genus Euchemotrema - an organism in the family Polygyridae with a maximum shell width of approximately 12 mm, colored yellow-grey to brown,  with its last whorl rounded or angular at the edge, has a narrow aperture, a thickened lip, and a large parietal denticle.  Juveniles in this genus may have hairs (Grimm, et al. 2000).

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Euchemotrema fraternum.  Tim Ross.  2008.  Wikipeida Commons.Species/Specific Epithet Euchemotrema fraternum - an organism with a rounded periphery in the genus Euchemotrema.  It has a more loosely coiled shell with 5-6 whorls and a rougher surface than others in its genus.  This organism has a small umbilicus, is rimate, and has teeth present (Burch 1962; Dourson 2006).  Euchemotrema fraternum is closely related to Euchemotrema fasciatum, which is a larger version with more compressed coils, and Euchemotrema leai and Euchemotrema hubrichti who also differ slightly (Dourson 2006).

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