Appearance and Adaptation

Gastrocopta contracta (Say, 1822) Bottleneck SnaggletoothGastrocopta contracta - Wisconsin Land Snails web page

This very tiny terrestrial land snail, just a few millimeters in size, has a transparent, chalky like shell that can often have dirt particles attached to it (Sterki, 1920). The shell includes many projections that have been thought to be used as protection or may even help with the struggle of water loss because they tend to live in dry grassland areas (Taylor, 2010). Most adaptations, not all known, have to do with these two characteristics: water loss and protection. Being a very small land snail, it is important to be well protected from predators. Some predators include salamanders, frogs, birds, and other small mammals. The slime that is present on a snails mantle is used to aid in reducing water loss.