Name That Snail: Gastrocopta contracta

Common name: Bottleneck Snaggletooth

Domain- Eukarya

Kingdom- Animalia

Phylum- Mollusca

Class- Gastropoda

Order- Stylommatophora

Family- Pulpillidae

Genus- Gastrocopta

Species- Gastrocopta contracta

This species is classified as a eukaryote because it contains a nucleus and other membrane bound organs.

It is in the kingdom Animalia due to the fact that these land snails are multi-cellular and are also heterotrophic, meaning they rely on other organisms for food.

Being a part of the Phylum Mollusca, these snails have bilateral symmetry and are triploblastic, or have three tissue layers.

The class Gastropoda are very diverse, but the bottleneck snaggletooth snail is one species within this class because of their coiled shell and the action of torsion to rotate their visceral mass and mantle on the foot. 

This species is part of the order Stylommatophora because of the presence of two pair of invaginable tentacles, the anterior pair with eyes at their tips and also due to them being pulmonate, air breathing land snails.

Common characteristics of the family pulpillidae include minute, air breathing land snails, and the species Gastrocopta contracta has all of these characteristics.