Specific information on Gastrocopta similis is not known at this point in time. Here are some nutritional facts about terrestrial snails:

  • Most terrestrial land snails are herbivores that eat algae, fungi and plants.  They use their radula, a rasping organ, that is used to scrape food.  After food as been scraped, snails use their radula as a conveyor belt to bring food into their mouth.

  • An essential mineral to all land snails is calcium.  Snail's store this mineral as calcium carbonate, which is a necessity to building their shell. (Tompa 1977; Chetail 1984)

  • Nutrients such as cadmium, copper and zinc are essential to a snail's nutrition in moderation, but high levels of these nutrients are toxic and inhibit growth and development in the snail. (Hopkin 1996; Vaufleury 2000)