Neohelix albolabris (Whitelip Snail)

Spring 2011 Animal Biology - Leah Morgan


The Neohelix albolabris is Gastropoda (stomach foot) snail in the phylum Mollusca. It belongs to the snail and slug family with the ability to live on land and breath air. It's normal shell diameter is can be anywhere from 16mm - 32mm. Some have even been found to get as large as 40 mm in size! (Dourson and Feeman 2006). There are some that will classify the Neohelix albolabris into major and minor classes depending on its size. (Pilsbry, 1939). It is also known as Triodopsis albolabris. It obtains its common name from the white lip appearance of it's shell.


 Photo taken by: Aydin Orstan                               Photo taken by: Jeffrey Nekola and Matt Kuchta

In this picture you can see where the N. albolabris gets the name of the "white lipped" snail.

Photo by: Powesheik Skipper Project