The Neohelix albolabris is a terrestrial snail, which means it lives on the land. Some favorite spots of the albolabris include but are not limited to: rock talus, areas around trees, leaf litter, hillsides, ravines and around limestone rich areas. Most likely you will have better luck finding them in areas with limestone readily available. One reason they may flock to the limestone rich areas could be the natural cracks the limestone environment creates and the calcium the N. albolabris may obtain from such an environment. (Sturm et al 2006).They are also attracted to sugar maple, buckeye and basswood trees because of the important source of calcium they provide for producing their shells.

Organisms that live in a leaf litter environment include microscopic organisms such as fungi and bacteria which they eat. Many other small creatures like spiders, various arthropods, beetles, millipedes, and insect larva also make up a leaf litter environment.


    Photo by: Bev Wigney          Photo by: Elisabeth Tova Bailey   Photo by: Powesheik Skipper Project

The can be found in the Northeastern United States and even down to southern states such as Louisiana. (Minton and Perez, 2005). Habitat map included below.



Map of the habitat of the Neohelix albolabris