Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Mollusca

Class: Gastropoda

Superfamily: Helicoidea

Family: Polygyridae

Genus: Triodopsis

Subgenus: Neohelix

Species: albolabris


Like other snails in the Phylum Mollusca the Neohelix albolabris resembles a similar body plan with three very distinct and important features:

1. Mantle: In general for the snails of Mollusca the mantle is the place where the gills or lungs sit (lungs in the case of the Neohelix albolabris), and is the part of the snail that will secrete the shell. The mantle is located on both sides of the body and looks like a covering of skin.

2. Visceral Mass: includes the internal organs

3. Muscular Foot: The foot aids the snail in moving (locomotion) and attachment to substrates.