The Neohelix albolabris is hermaphroditic, meaning that both sexes are in the same snail. Each snail has two sets of sex organs. The first set being testes, sperm and penis and the second set being ovaries, eggs, oviduct and receptacle for sperm. They lay their eggs in most dark places such as under logs or in a leaf litter (Dourson and Dourson 2006).

One way to correctly identify a Neohelix albolabris is to dissect it and look for an internal, uneverted penis (Orstan, 1999).

The N. albolabris has the ability to self fertilize even though it is more common for them to copulate and inbreed (McCraken and Brussard, 2008).

When the N. albolabris lays eggs, they will lay them in groups mixed in with the soils (Strum 2006). From there the eggs will hatch into juvenile snails making it an indirect lifecycle.

An example of snail eggs.