As you can see by the image to the left, Paravitrea multidentata  (Binney,1840) are a small species of land snails.  They range in size from 2.5-3.0 mm.  The image to the left shows that the snails have "whorls" on their shell.  The number of whorls vary from snail to snail but on average, there will be 5.5-6 whorls (Johnson, 1920).

The shell of Paravitrea multidentata  (Binney,1840) is very glossy and partially transparent (Pilsbry, 1939).  It has a small umbilicus that ranges to be about .50 mm in size. (The definition of an umbilicus is a small opening at  the base of the shell of some Gastropod Mollusks.) This snail also has lateral teeth along with the radula.  The Dentate Supercoil averages to have about 2-3 lateral teeth on each side. Another unique characteristic is that this snail has a long hermaphrotic duct (used for reproduction) (Johnson, 1920). This snail moves very slowly with coarse, irregular contractions and expansions of the whole foot, almost like a worm (Baker, 1928).