Paravitrea multidentata  (Binney,1840) (Dentate Superocoil) is very closely related to the species Paravitrea lamellidens  (Pilsbry, 1898) (Lamellate Supercoil).  They were once thought to be the same species but then split in the like 1800's due to their unique shells,size difference, and difference in teeth. (Baker, 1931) To Learn a little more about the closely related Lamellate Supercoil, click on the this sentence.

The life span of the Paravitrea multidentata  (Binney, 1840) was not specifically stated, but most common land snails (subclass Pulmonata) live anywhere from several weeks to several months. (Hotopp, 2006)

Paravitrea multidentata  (Binney, 1840) has been renamed many times. Names such as  Helix multidentata, Hyalina multidentata, Zonites multidentata, Vitrea multidentata, Gastrodonta multidentata have all been used for this species. This species name was changed 5 times in 80 years (Pilsbry, 1939).

Paravitrea multidentata  (Binney, 1840) has compact coiling of whorls on their shell is one distinct feature that differs this snail from any other snail like it (Brown, 1903).

Paravitrea multidentata  (Binney, 1840) to have not evolved as much as other species in the genus Paravitrea because they still have rows of teeth, while most other species are now toothless (Pilsbry, 1939)