Domain: Eukarya: Cells exhibit an enveloped nucleus containing DNA.

Kingdom: Animalia: Organisms exhibit muliti-celled, specialized tissues.

Phylum: Mollusca: Organism shows bilateral symmetry, is tripoblastic, and  acoelomate.

Class: Gastropoda: Shows unique characteristics of snails including body torsion and a coiled shell.

Stylommatophora: Snails of this order have characteristics that include a long pedal gland and retractile tentacles(Allaby, 1999).
Family: Pupilldae: This family displays small or very small pupa shaped shells. Shell openings often contain several teeth(Burch, 1962).

Genus: Pupoides: The shell of this genus has an elongated and conic type of shape. The lip of the shell opening is thickened and reflective(Burch, 1962).

Species: Pupoides albilabris: outer lip of shell joined by an angular lamella in the form of a callus(Burch, 1962).