Distribution of Pupoides albilabris in the continental United States.

Image from Hubricht,1985


Pupoides albilabris is found primarily in the eastern US. ranging as far north as Ontario Canada and Maine, and as far south as the gulf states. The Dakotas seem to be the northwestern extent of its range, but scattered populations can be found in all states  from Arizona and Colorado eastward. The snail is not commonly found at high elevations. It can also be found outside the United States in northern Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, Porto Rico and Bermuda(Pilsbury,1948).


This snail seems to be something of  a habitat generalist and can be found in a variety of different settings. They are most commonly found on bare ground, or waste type ground. Roadsides and old quarries are good examples. Other noted observed habitats include snails found under rocks, logs, leaves and at the roots of grass.(Hubricht,1985). Other, less specific land types also pertain to the snail's preferred habitations.  They have also been observed in dense forest, scattered trees, and in grass or scrub type habitats, usually in the presence of shade and/or moist ground debris(Miller,1970). Most areas share the common features of having well drained and calcareous soils . The snails are not notably arboreal, but have often been seen on trees and tall grasses several feet off the ground following rains or wet weather(Pilsbury,1948).