Vertigo meramecensis: The Bluff Vertigo

A picture of the Bluff Vertigo- Permission granted by Dr. Perez 

The Vertigo meramecensis species of snails was discovered by Amy Schraeder Van Devender in 1979.

"Vertigo" is derived from the Latin language "verete" to turn; and the suffix, "igo", a condition. Therefore, the Vertigo genus is named so for the whorling appearance of their shell.

The species name "meramecensis" comes from where the organism was first discovered, the Meramec River drainage. (Van Devender, 1979)

The Vertigo meramecensis is also referred as the bluff vertigo snail. This snail is at risk for endangerment. Because of its state of endangerment, it is important to obtain information about this species before they cease to exist. Please navigate your way around my site finding information of facts of discovery, habitat, nutrition, reproduction and adaptation of this snail.


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