The green shaded areas represent the areas the Bluff Vertigo has been known to reside.- Permission granted by the Minnesota DNR websiteThe Vertigo Meramecensis is a land snail that was widespread throughout the Midwest and resides in South east Minnesota, Northeast Iowa, Central Missouri, and various parts around Illinois due to the Wisconsin glacial period. The bluff vertigo is found in lowland forests, limestone (Calcium Carbonate) or dolomite (Calcium Magnesium) cliffs, and bluffs. (Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, 2011) All these environments must be cool, moist and shaded environments for this snail’s survival. The Bluff Vertigo usually remains hidden under leaves or embedded in rock cracks as a natural protection from predators. The Vertigo Meramecensis fits into the niche with its role of an herbivore and occasionally provides food for its predators. Land snails are known to have several predators, including small forest animals, birds, humans, and insects, specifically, beetles. See Adaptation page for more information about how the Bluff Vertigo reacts to predators.