Scientific Taxonomy is a classification system made in order to organize evolutionary relationships between species. The Taxonomy of the Bluff Vertigo is summarized as the following

Domain: Eukarya

This is a black and white photo of the Bluff Vertigo- Permission granted from the Minnesota DNR Website

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Mollusca

Class: Gastropoda

Order: Stylommatophora

Family: Pupillidae

Genus: Vertigo

Species: Vertigo meramecensis

All taxonomy information was found from the Encyclopedia of Life.

Domain Eukarya- Organisms classified in the domain Eukarya have cells with complex and enclosed structures in a membrane. More specifically, the possession of a cell nucleus separates the eukaryotes from the prokaryotes.

Kingdom Animalia- The Vertigo Meramecensis is classified as in the animal kingdom primarily because it is a multi-cellular, eukaryotic creature. Being heterotrophic, or not being able to internally make its own food, and the lack of cell walls also classifies the Bluff Vertigo in the Animal Kingdom.

Phylum Mollusca- Organisms in the Phylum Mollusca are soft-bodied coelomates whose bodies are divided into 3 components: the mantle that secretes a calcareous shell, visceral mass which holds all the organs, and the  muscular foot used for movement. Molluscs are usually highly cephalized with well developed sensory, nervous, and excretory systems.

Class Gastropoda- The gastropods are the largest and most diverse class of molluscs. The gastropods are distinguished from other molluscs by a 180° twisting of the visceral mass and a coiling of its protective shell. Gastropods are also considered heterotrophs, more specifically herbivores, with a few exceptions that are carnivores.

Order Stylommatophora- The Vertigo meramecensis is in the order of air-breathing land snails. These snails have lost their ancestral gill and the mantle has developed into an air breathing lung.

Family Pupillidae- The Family Pupillidae is named so to reiterate the Vertigo meramecensis as a land snail with an air breathing lung.

Genus Vertigo- The Vertigo genus of snails are classified as minute air breathing land snails. Since Vertigo meramecensis are often found in forests, on bluffs, or around hiking trails, this species falls in the Vertigo genus. Organisms in this genus also do not have oral tentacles and have very sharp square-like radulas which help in predation and protection of this snail. (Baker, 1902)

 Species Vertigo meramecensis This species was discovered in 1979 by Amy Schaefer Van Devender. Something unique about this species is the distinct striated shell as well as the teeth nearest to the edge of the mouth being less massive and straighter than other snails in the genus. (Van Devender, 1979)

The common name of this organism is known as the Bluff Vertigo. This organism is so named for its habitat being located for the most part in bluffed areas located in the mid-west.