Vertigo nylanderi

Shell MorphologyVertigo nylanderi shell
The calcareous soils are essential for providing the necessary minerals for secretion of the shell. Original documentation has the shell color of Vertigo nylanderi listed as resembling a cinnamon color, but more thorough and recent research notes the color as a lighter shade of yellow-brown. This species has five lamellae in the aperture (opening of the shell) when fully grown. It has an angular lamella on the top of the aperture and a very small basal (subcolumella) lamella on the left side. Two distinctive features suggest a closer affinity to Vertigo paradoxa and Vertigo hubrichti than any other species it shares a habitat with. Both have a very deep lower palatal lamella and a deep groove on the outside of the shell that lies directly over the lower palatal lamella. However, V. nylanderi also closely resembles another species. Both it and Vertigo arthuri  have an angular lamella, a columellar lamella that is larger than the parietal, and a more deeply set lower palatal lamella in comparison with the upper. What separates the two is the thickened callus adjacent to the palatal lamellae in V. arthuri. In addition, V. arthuri has a shorter lower palatal lamella that is not as deep and a crest in the back of the aperture (Nekola and Massart 2000).