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 Me and my three-year-old nephew Braden; Future Eagle!                                       

Hello! My name is Kasey Bowers. I am currently a student at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. I am in my second year of undergraduate school and majoring in biology with a concentration in biomedical science with chemistry and psychology minors. Free time is rare in a college student's life; however, I do my best to make time for the things I enjoy doing: reading, being outdoors, spending time with my family, and spoiling my nephews! In the picture to the left, me and my three-year-old nephew Braden are showing our UW-L pride! Future eagle? I think so!

As an assignment for my Animal Biology course, instructed by Dr. Kathryn Perez, I was assigned to research the species, Physella gyrina and create a web page based on my findings. Dr. Perez is a thorough researcher of multiple land snails, and you can find more about her and her research by clicking here! Through my research, I have learned a lot about this particular species of snail. I hope you enjoy learning about these organisms as much as I did!

If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns about my research or webpage, feel free to contact me at:

Web site created on November 11, 2011

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