Habitat and Geography

    Physella gyrina is a species of snail that can be located across a number of areas. Starting from the western boarder of the United States, this species can be found in the state of California and spread to the Gulf of Mexico. Expanding northbound, Physella gyrina can be located reaching Quebec and the Northwest Territories. Recently, the British Isles have been exposed to this species.
    Where can you find these organisms if you reach their geographic location? Well, your greatest chance of finding Physella gyrina would be by looking in freshwater habitats such as ponds, lakes, creeks, and rivers; however, looking in warmer rivers and streams that drain southward through the states of Georgia and the Carolinas would not be the best idea. Physella gyrina also prefer freshwater habitats with an underlying layer of mud, sand, gravel, rock, and plants (The Freshwater Gastropods of North America 2006).




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