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Helisoma trivolvis (Ramshorn Snail)

: Metazoa
The Kingdom Metazoa contains all of the multicellular animals on the earth. Some characteristics of this group is that they lack cell walls and almost all members have an internal cavity where food is ingested and digested.

: Mollusca
This is a big phlyum with many invertebrates in it. Some of the invertebrates include octopus, slugs, and snails. All of these members have a mantle.

Class: Gastropoda
The Class Gastropoda contains all of the slugs and snails. All of members of this class have torsion, which is a twisting of body that causes the anus to be on the anterior end of the organism. Most of these members have a coiled shell on them. 

Order: Pulmonata
The order Pulmonata consists of all of the terrestrial snails. The main characteristic that seperates Pulmonates from other members of the Gastropoda are that they have lungs.

Family: Planorbidae
This family contains freshwater snails that don't have any gills on them. They all have lungs and are all aquatic.

Genus: Helisoma
All of these members are called ramshorns snails. There are different species based on differences in their appearance and habitat from one another.

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