Photo courtesy of Rob Dillon

-Despite this snail's name, Helisoma trivolvis, in which "trivolvis" means 3 whorls, may have 4 whorls on their shell (Keep, 1904).

-Ramshorn snail's have hemoglobin in their blood which is different than most Molluscs. This allows them to take in oxygen better (EOL.com).

-The ramshorn snail is capable of cross-fertilizing or self fertilizing (Smith, 1989).

-Helisoma trivolvis and all other gastropods have a unique characteristic called torsion, which means that their anus is located on the side of the body by their gills. This can lead to a serious sanitation problems for the snail and makes it less tasty to predators such crayfish  (Hickman, 2009).