Physical Features

The dark grey body (Galton, 2011) of the species Pseudosuccinea columella, also called the American Ribbed Fluke Snail (American ribbed), has two tentacles that are triangular and flat on its fleshy head (Galton, 2011). These tentacles, in contrast to the genus Succinea, lack eyespots at their tips (Lee, 2011). Pseudosuccinea columella’s shell, when viewed from the top, has a clockwise coil with very fine spiral lines crossing the growth lines (Galton, 2011). Their shell, which ranges from ten to fifteen millimeters in length (American ribbed), is very fragile and thin and, when empty, it is translucent and brown. Some reddish brown shells, however, have been discovered in locations where there is red soil or clay in the ground (Galton, 2011).


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