The American Ribbed Fluke Snail is very widely spread throughout the eastern parts of North America and has been introduced as a new species around the world (Dillon et al. 2006).Cuba, along with North, Central and South America, and even some parts of Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia, are all places where this species has been located (Gutierrez et al. 2002). Pseudosuccinea columella, is only found in freshwater environments, usually in a wide variety of habitats such as in or near lakes, ponds, streams, and ditches (Prepelitchi et al. 2010). This snail particularly favors areas where there is a shallow and open pool of water with an abundance of sunlight (Galton, 2011). P.columella is considered to be a very adaptable snail, some species being found in more aquatic environments while other species are found to be more amphibious and terrestrial. Although this snail can be found in terrestrial habitats, it will usually be near some form of a freshwater or in a wet habitat. Because of its adaptability, this snail can be found in many areas of the world, sometimes being described as “the most widely distributed freshwater snail” (Prepelitchi et al. 2010).

Pseudosuccinea columella is able to live in such a wide variety of habitats because of its ability to adapt. Continue on the the next page to learn about this snails fascinating adaptations!