Discus catskillensis                                                                              Bio 210



Discus catskillensis prefer to live in areas that contain duff soils. Duff soil is composed of decomposed organic material, such as, leaves and twigs (Upshall, et. al., 1986). Areas with duff soil are mostly found in wooded areas in the northern sections of North America. 

In Wisconsin, Discus catskillensis, are commonly found in the northeastern area of Sturgeon Bay. This area is mostly composed of rock out crops, upland forests, old fields, and stone piles (Nekola, 2003).  

In these areas, Discus catskillensis will experience many interactions with different organisms. Animals such as deer, raccoons, a variety of birds, insects, and other species of snails. However, these animals are not a threat to this snail. 
Photograph of distribution of Discus catskillensis (Discoverylife.org).



Check out the adaptations Discus catskillensis has had to make! 

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