Discus catskillensis                                                                              Bio 210




Very little information is known on the nutrition of the Angular disc. Because of this, general information of Gastropod nutrition will be used.

Discus catskillensis, like most gastropods, are herbivores consuming decomposing organic material. This organic material consists of leaves, twigs, and pine needles. The snail consumes nutrients with a radula. A radula is a tongue-like membrane that is used to scrape organic material off surfaces. The organic material will then pass through the mouth, then to the crop and gizzard. From there the organic material will  proceed to the stomach and intestines where the nutrients needed will be consumed. The Angular disc is able to absorb these nutrients from a colony of bacteria that live in their gut  (Hickman et al. 2009).


Photograph of an Angular Disc shell (WI Snail Report)

The reproduction of Discus catskillensis is up next!

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