Discus catskillensis                                                                              Bio 210


Not much is known about Discus catskillensis, except that they eggs. In general, the genus Discus, scatter their eggs over bark and decaying wood (Britannica). However a cousin specie, Discus macclintocki, breed from late March to August. They lay between two and six eggs which hatch in about a month (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services). Another cousin specie, Discus shimekii, are hermaphroditic. They lay three to six eggs between April and August (Montana Field Guide).  

Shown on the right, is a picture of a Discus catskillensis egg.  Drawing conclusions from cousins of Discus catskillensis, this snail will mate during the late spring and summer months. Also the snail will lay a clutch ranging in size from two to six eggs.

Photograph of Discus catskillensis egg (Kevin Ripka).

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