Glyphyalinia rhoadsi /Sculpted Glyph

 Domain: Eukarya
            -Organisms in the domain Eukarya possess true nuclei with membrane bound organelles.

 Kingdom: Animalia
            -Organisms in the kingdom Animalia are multicellular with cells arranged into tissues.      Organisms of this kingdom are also heterotrophic.

Phylum: Mollusca
            -The phylum Mollusca consists of soft bodied, invertebrate organisms  Organisms within this phylum are eucoelomates, meaning they have a true body cavity.   

 Class: Gastropoda
            -The class Gastropoda represents the grouping of animals we often refer to as slugs and    snails.  Organisms within this class can pull up into their shells when threatened or extra protection is needed.  Also characteristic of members of this class, is their open circulatory system.

Order: Stylommatophora
        -Organisms in the order Stylommatophora are all air-breathing land snails, or pulmonates.  All organisms within this order have two pairs of retractable tentacles used for sensing their environment.

 Family: Zonitidae
        -Members of the family Zonitidae are more often called "true glass snails".   They are termed this because of their almost translucent shells.  Most of the organisms within this family are small and have spiral shells.

     Genus: Glyphyalinia

All information on this page from Wolfgram Alpha, 2010 and Eisenhour et al., 2007.