Habitat and Location


The sculpted glyph makes its home on the forest floor of upland woods.  It can most often be found in rocky regions or fallen leaf matter (Anderson et al., 2002).  Populations of Glyphyalinia normally occupy quite a small area, usually a few square feet in area (Nature Serve, 2009).

Geographical Location

This organism is found in the Northeastern United States.  One of the places G. rhoadsi is most commonly seen is in the Appalachians(Nature Serve, 2009).  However, they have been reported to inhabit all of the states spanning from Georgia to Maine over to the Midwestern states of Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin (Nature Serve, 2009). It has been found that in the region extending from Wisconsin to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, G.rhoadsi is most concentrated in the northwest regions of Wisconsin and the UP (Nekola, 2003).  G. rhoadsi has also been seen in Canada, in the providences of Quebec and Ontario. (Nekola, 2009).

This image shows the counties of Wisconsin where Glyphyalinia rhoadsi is most prevalently found.

Although G.rhoadsi inhabit a range of areas, they all share common adaptations which unify them.  To learn about these, please see the adaptations tab.