Endangered Species

Vertigo paradoxa
in not included on the federal list of endangered, threatened, or candidate species in the United States (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 2003). Even though it is not included on the list, its is still seen as a species that is vulnerable in many different states (NatureServe, 2003 in Anderson 2004).



 Photo provided by WDNR Bureau of
        Endangered Resources.


   There are many activities that have a negative impact on habitat of many land snails. These activities can alter the soil or change the amount of moisture, calcium, food or refuge in the habitats that the land snails occupy (Sterki, 2007). Such activities that cause these problems are timber harvesting, road construction and mining, just to name a few (Sterki, 2007). Vertigo paradoxa, along with many other land snails, have had reduced species and abundance in areas that have had prescribed fire (Sterki, 2007). Rock climbing may also impact this species as it has been found to negatively impact land snail density and diversity (Sterki, 2007).

Timber harvesting is greatly reducing the number of Vertigo paradoxa.


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