Knowing a land snails habitat can help us better understand what their nutritional habits are. Most land snails are herbivores and feed on fungus or organic material (Sterki, 2007). Some snail species are carnivorous and will consume other snail species and invertebrates in the soil (Sterki, 2007).


Many terrestrial land snails, including Vertigo paradoxa, feed on decaying leaves and other litter, along with other microorganisms that can be found (Anderson, 2004). There has not been extensive research conducted on the feeding habits of Vertigo paradoxa but it appears most often that these land snails feed on the organic coating of rock surfaces or on partly decaying leaves (Anderson, 2004).




                Oak Leaf litter

Mystery Vertigo As Food

   Land snails can also be food to many other organisms. Land snails are preyed upon by various organisms including birds, small mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and other snails or slugs. (Sterki 2007).


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                             Eremophila alpestris, Horned Lark


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