Glyphyalinia wheatleyi



Glyphyalinia wheatleyi (Bland, 1883)


DOMAIN: Organisms in the Domains Eukaryota have a membrane bound structures located internally with a true nuclei (Encyclopedia Britannica Online, 2011).

KINGDOM: G. wheatleyi belongs to the Kingdom Animalia because it is a multicellular, heterotrophic organism that has cells that do not contain a cell wall (EOL).

PHYLUM: This organism belongs to the Phylum Mollusca because it has a structure known as a radula (EOL). Mollusks are also soft-bodied, triploblastic coelomates (Roberts et. al., 2009).

CLASS: G. wheatleyi belongs to the Class Gastropoda because it has one coiled shell but mostly because this species and others within this class go through a process called torsion (EOL).  Torsion is a process in which the visceral mass is twisted 180 degrees, placing the anus above the head (Roberts et. al., 2009).

ORDER: This organism is classified in the order Stylommatophora because of the two tentacles located on the head (EOL).

FAMILY: The family Zonitidae is classified as the true glass snails meaning that their shells appearr translucent and glossy (EOL). They are air-breathing snails that live on land and their shells are usually tightly coiled(EOL).

GENUS: Glyphyalinia is composed of a group of pulmonate gastropods that are terrestrial (EOL).

SPECIES: G. wheatleyi



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