Glyphyalinia wheatleyi



According to the Wisconsin DNR, Glyphyalinia wheatleyi has been found to be a habitant in the county formally known as Door County and in areas close to this county. Glyphyalinia wheatleyi inhabits a forestry location in which has a very moist and damp climate (DNR, 2011).  They were typically found in winter temperatures that were milder and more steady (DNR, 2011). Often G. wheatleyi's habitat is located along the great lakes shores consistent with the moderate temperature that they prefer (Nekola, 2003).  Many snails within the family of Zonitidae, as this species is, are known to be nocturnal and live under different types of foliage and other objects common to forest-like locations (EOL).


 Location of G. wheatleyi in North American territory (identified by the yellow dots)




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